Who is CYF-CYL!

Change Your Food - Change Your Life!™ is a FUN, high-energy GOOD HEALTH Company designed to inform, encourage, coach and INSPIRE you to make 100% Organic Good Food Choices, FOODS that are LIFE-GIVING, NOT life-diminishing.  
Organic Good Foods WIN the DAY & NIGHT! 
Change Your Food - Change Your Life! is designed to lift spirits, put SMILES on faces, get eyes up off the horizon, EMPOWER and CONVINCE you that this thing called YOUR OWN GOOD HEALTH is WELL WORTH LOOKIN’ AFTER!  It’s fun.  It’s easy.  It’s simple!  AND IT IS DELICIOUS! 
Change Your Food - Change Your Life! believes the healthful difference can be made in the lives of a greater number of people, and in a shorter period of time, with music and song than with lectures, seminars, handouts, (certainly not with PowerPoint presentations), and even books.   After all, you can't dance to a recipe, whistle to an educational handout or snap your fingers to the food pyramid. 

Change Your Food - Change Your Life! has collaborated with leading artists, in a variety of genres, creating 15 original songs designed to inspire you to make ORGANIC GOOD FOOD CHOICES …  to help you look good and feel good.  

And who wouldn’t WANT some of that! 

GOOD LiViN', the CD Album TITLE song, CELEBRATES  Organic Good Foods.  
GOOD LiViN' is an uplifting message rather than the usual 'diet' tune of denial, restriction and ain't no more fun in life.  
GOOD LiViN' is the Organic Good Food ANTHEM!   
As our GOOD LiViN' song says: 
Organic Food ... is the cure/For lovin' life ... that's for sure.  
We're takin' good livin' to a whole 'nother level!  
Good eats ... and good treats.  
Goodness I've taken in/See it shinin' in the glow of my skin! 
There are three mixes of GOOD LiViN' , Radio, LIVE and Ryder, a little different phrasing here and there, different bass lines, and on GOOD LiViN' - Radio Mix, AnnaMaria takes you to a higher HIGH NOTE!  How she hits it, I don't know.  
We work every day to create new ways to motivate folks to make the simple change to Organic Good Foods that will make the healthful difference in their lives.  If one of our songs catches someone's ear, inspires them to begin making Organic Good Food Choices for their own good health, well, we can all feel pretty good. 
Our Songs have had some early rave “Reviews” (See “REVIEWS” page).  And for the most part, those “Reviews” are from people hearing about Organic Good Food for their FIRST TIME!  
We think our CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ Compilation CD Album will go like Organic Hotcakes!