Some FUN early "Reviews"!

AnnaMaria Pasley-Horn  

“Absolutely fantastic!  This is really great sounding, her voice is fresh like strawberries and cream, the bass is smooth like hot chocolate and the beat is kickin' like a cappuccino. I put it on my iPod and will be rockin' to the groove!!!!” – Darryl  

‘Til My Change Comes  
Pastor Gary L. Wyatt  

“After the opening track, GOOD LiViN’, with all of its energy and positivity, you sang ‘Til My Change Comes.  That kinda caught my ear.  But four interesting Songs later when you performed ‘Til My Change Comes LIVE, I knew there’d be a change comin’ in my life, too!  Thanks.” - Gerald 

Don’t Buy The Lie! - Rap  
Solomon Wyatt & The Sanctified Solders ATK – Dre, Tmac, K-Strat  


“I absolutely hate RAP music, but this is GREAT!” – Charlotte (A Mom)  
“LOVE IT!!!  Pump your breaks put down that shake!!  This is really great.” - Anthony  
“I can see myself in spin class spinning away to the beat!” - June  
“It's catchy and clever while delivering a message.  I retreat easily into skepticism when I feel I am preached to.  This song helps deliver a message and I didn't feel preached at.” - Mark  
“WOW!! I've been into rap and hip-hop my whole life and this is hittin’ it good!” - Steve  
“I love the way the song draws you in and then gets down to it.  I find the last verse and the idea that changing is about choices especially poignant.  I’m impressed by the fact that Solomon Wyatt & the Sanctified Solders wrote great lyrics, got them all out AND I can understand them….Whew!  This song is right on.” – Ellen 

Gary L. Wyatt  


“That’s going to be MY story, now!” – Jennifer

I Once Was Blind  
Gary L. Wyatt  


“Oh, Dennis, I needed that! With a bright sound like that, who wouldn't be able to see the world a little differently?” - Katherine Pryor 

I’d Like To Thank You – Gospel  
Ellen Livesay  


ELLEN sings I’d Like To Thank You as a quiet little Prayer, THANKFUL for all the we have:  
“I think the song is appropriate for this time in the life of our planet. Our planet is in peril and whatever befalls our planet, befalls all, both animal and humankind. Her song is soulful, brings an important message and should become iconic in our minds.” - Geri  

“This is the most beautiful soothing prayer I've ever heard.  It makes me feel good inside!  Definitely touched by an Angel.  I could listen to that song all day (I have and now it's stuck in my head!). The voice and lyrics are breathtaking...thank you Ellen!” - PattyJane  

“The song is wonderful and gives the listener a feeling of peace and passion for Organic Good Food.  Congrats on your commitment to changing the way we eat.” – Matt  

“What a talented singer and a great way to share the message!” – Jennifer  

“Your beautiful song brings to mind how much we have to be thankful for and must remember to tell the LORD how we love HIM and how thankful we are for all our blessings!  Organic Food and good water are definitely God's resources HE gave us to sustain health so we can do HIS work and enjoy all that HE put before us.  
Ellen sang the song so soothingly and beautifully, thank you so much Dennis!  
Hopefully someday our church group will have you speak on Organic Food.  I loved the presentation you did as the liftoff to the Diabetic Show several years ago.  It is still so vivid in my mind.  I'd love for it to happen again.  Also Linda is doing so well and she and I are so thankful for all your time and your knowledge!  
God is definitely using you Dennis, I'm thankful to know you.  
Have a great weekend and thanks again for this beautiful music.”
 - Dana 

Nique Nique @5!  


“EVERY time I listen to the beginning of GET UP! my eyes tear just a little with JOY...precious, is all I can say.” -  Virginia 

It’s Your Beat! - Teen Pop  


All “Quotes” heard from Moms during the KEELY in KIRKLAND Show:  
“I LOVE the laughter at the beginning.  It’s Your Beat! is so fresh, fun, hip and alive.”  
“KEELY clearly delivers the ‘i AM what i EAT’ message!”  
“She’s so cute!”  
“She’s ONLY 14?”  
“FUN, FUN song!”  
“KEELY sings the right message!”  
“My kids just LOVE her!” 

The Beat Boyz  


“I shoved the CD into my car’s CD player. Then, I probably shouldn’t have done this: I picked up the printed Lyrics that were included and was reading them trying to be Keely while drivin’ down the road!  I was worse than a texter, but I think I just could be your next Artist Ambassador!” – Paige

MaryJanesFarm - Country Jazz  
Ellen Livesay  


Our Artist Ambassador, ELLEN LIVESAY, asks, “Is there a farm girl in you?”  Ellen answers that question with a FUN, BRIGHT song.  Remember, Ellen is our ‘Cool Jazz’ Vocalist from Taos, NM, so MaryJanesFarm is very COOL … no fiddles!  And if you listen to it just a couple of times, you’ll be singing these lyrics around your Studio: “Farm chick, city chick, urban, outdoor any chick … That’s you!”   
We capture in song, the spirit, the playfulness, the personality and the sunny heart of MaryJanesFarm. The two SOLOS are especially playful and sunny!    
“I love the melody, the lyrics and the voice!  Very fun and upbeat.   sure had me groovin'.  That song made me want to pack my bags and be a farm girl.” - Patty  
“I’d pay a cover to hear HER sing!” - Charles  
“I think Ellen could sing a section of legal text and it would sound amazing.  Looks like I should stop in and say Hi! to MaryJanesFarm and let them know I was inspired by Ellen Livesay’s beautiful song!” - Kristin  
“It transports me to a cool, New York jazz bar....and a great message behind it.” NINA MORGAN-JONES.  NINA MORGAN-JONES, our ‘Internationally Acclaimed’ - London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, New York, HOLLYWOOD - Couture Fashion-Forward Designer Darling.  ROMP London/HOLLYWOOD and NOW ‘ROMP Boutique Presented by Douek & Jones’ with a beautiful seafront Showroom 15 minutes from Cannes! 

Sizzle for Me – Smoky Jazz   
Ellen Livesay   


I had the good fortune to ENJOY a 100% Grass-Fed Organic Rib Eye Steak with my FAVE Farmgirl, the DELIGHTFUL Erin Rosas, at their BIG Ranch House Dinner Table at ROSAS FARMS, Citra, Florida.  

That Steak was soooooo good, prepared medium-rare to perfection by Chef Al Rosas, The Organic Chef™, that I asked our Change Your Food - Change Your Life! Artist Ambassador, ELLEN LIVESAY, ‘Cool Jazz’ Vocalist from Taos, NM, to write a song about it called, Sizzle for Me.   

We think Sizzle for Me is ‘The HOTTEST Song in the Organic Good Food World’!  
What others have said about Sizzle for Me:  
“I never knew that a song could make me feel soulful and hungry at the same time. It was great!! It has like you said, a Linda Ronstadt or Julie London feel to it.” - Frank Valentine  
“Fun to get back after a difficult day and get into a bit of rib-eyed jazz. Loved the sound”. - Greg  
“Love the way she sizzles!” - Sarah  
 “I love your style! Where’s my organic booze?” - Billie  
“Ellen brought SEXY to organic!” - Raul  
“succumb to a grass-fed organic ribeye.  So unexpected!  This will raise a lot of interest and eyebrows... it'll get lots!  Happy Earth Day!” - Pablo Monsivais, Ph.D.  
“uuuuuuummmmmmmm,uuuuuuummmmmmm, I guess i know what i'm having for dinner tonight a grass-fed organic ribeye!” - G2  
“I'd call it 'Best start to a HOT Organic Good Food Date!' because that's where we want ‘em to go!” - Your Good Food Friend, Miranda  
“ooh I love her voice! Great song!” - Kathryn 
“the sweet succulent sounds of real” - Anthony
“'hot' and 'cool' at the same time! I'd rather like a bite, myself!”  - Stephen
“I've never heard Steak sound so Sexy!!  Seriously-what a great voice.” – NINA MORGAN-JONES.  And NINA MORGAN-JONES, ‘Internationally Acclaimed’ - London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, New York, HOLLYWOOD - Couture Fashion-Forward Designer Darling, KNOWS a little something about THAT SEXY thing!  ROMP London/HOLLYWOOD and NOW ‘ROMP Boutique Presented by Douek & Jones’ with a beautiful seafront Showroom 15 minutes from Cannes!  
“After listening to Ellen’s Sizzle for Me, I wished I could have had a cigarette!" - Michael 

“Hey Ellen!  LOVE your meat song!” - Jen

GOOD LiViN’ – Ryder Version – Hip-hop  
AnnaMaria Pasley-Horn  


We had FUN with this remix.  If you like to cruise, sitting way down low in your seat with the windows open and your trunk is FILLED with high-end audio equipment, THIS cut is for YOU!  

OREO® Cookie Blues – BLUES!  
Nick Vigarino with Larry Dennis  


“That slide is naaasty!” - Bo Diddley  
“His guitar riff took me to places I didn’t know I could go, but when I got there, I WANTED TO STAY!” – Ellen  
I got chocolate on my fingers  
I got icing on my lips  

Strumming my pain with his fingers …  
I hide um in the cabinet  
keep um way down in the jar
Singing my life with his words …  
For emergencies I even keep um in the glove compartment of my car  
Just can’t live without um  

Killing me softly with his song. 
Guitar RIFF: “I felt all flush with fever” - Michael 

Secret to Life! – Just CHARMING!  
Nique Nique  

“That last little kiss good bye – ABSOLUTELY charming!”  - Jennifer
“Secret To Life makes me smile from ear to ear and makes me feel happy.  Nique Nique's voice is so sweet I want to squish her.  The lyrics are charming, though nothing could be as charming as she is.”  -
“What a sweetie! Hope it gets major AIR play! ;)”  - Gretchen
“Totally charming, sweet and perfectly on message!”
 – Kristin
"Secret to Life is the cutest thing ever. I think she'll get encores!!!”  - Katherine
“Oh my…you nailed it. The most charming thing ever!” - Margo
“I am grinning!  That was fun! “- Justin  
“She sounds so happy!” - Vickie 

"Very sweet! Love it and thank you for sharing!" - Melody

“That’s my Mom throwin’ me a KISS!” - Nique Nique 
“My ‪#‎wcw goes to this beauty @_x.joss24.x_ she has been holding her schedule down with very little complaining. She is a female bballer who has practice 2x a week and training 2x a week. So 4 days of bball and 5 days of school plus homework and housework. She currently has all A's and 1 B+ which should be an A but she didn't want me to advocate for her she took the grade drop like the wonderful young lady she is... so proud of her.”  ‪#‎blessed ‪#‎myheart ‪#‎love ‪#‎precious ‪#‎firstborn ‪#‎smartypants ‪#‎baller ‪#‎babygirl ‪#‎ballislife ‪#‎education ‪#‎prettygirlwithbrains - Phyllis Wyatt, MOM!

FUN ‘inside’ backstories: 

Why is it a multi-genre Album?  ‘Cause you can’t predict which song touches who.  As we say in CD Album DEDICATION, “Our Change Your Food - Change Your Life Artist Ambassadors hope that one of their songs catches your ear and makes that healthful difference in your life!” - Dennis L. Weaver, Producer 
And as that example, our delicate little Artist, Lillyan, LOVES Don’t Buy The Lie! and Oreo® Cookie Blues.  Don King, No Script Studio, Music Master, Studio Engineer and FEATURED Bass Player for the Legendary PURE Rock ’n’ Roll Band, Jr. Cadillac, LOVES GO-O and MaryJanesFarm! 
After 14 Tracks of ENCOURAGING making better food choice, this ol’ blues guy, Nick Vigarino with Oreo® Cookie Blues, still didn't get it, so we had our 11-year old Nique Nique correct him with her charming Secret to Life: “I may be young but I know what's right.”  Shows that we're just a FUN, LIGHT-HEARTED and WELL-ADJUSTED group of boys and girls and that everyone can be in on the conversation!

CD Album Reviews

Paul Colwell is Co-Founder, and for many, many years, Musical Director for “Up With  Paul has written hundreds of Songs for their World-Wide Tours and Shows.  He still writes for “Up With People” by their request.   
Their early BIG, ENERGETIC Super Bowl ‘Up With People’ Music Productions created the Super Bowl’s Halftime SPLASHY, over-the-top Production genre! 
“Congratulations, Dennis. So glad you’ve been able to put it together.  You have some extremely talented people on the case.  Speaking of talent and some excellent song writing, I think the CD has a tight flow, good pacing, and carries a clear, strong message. I like the variety of musical styles. Very contemporary with some fun retro. Well done, Dennis, on the whole concept.  It looks like a winner. All the best.”….............................Paul 
Some of Paul’s History: 
Strumming for peace: Paul Colwell’s remarkable life

“Hi Dennis, 
I finally had a chance to listen to the whole CD in one sitting this weekend. My husband & I listened to it on a drive out to a friend’s house in Redmond, which seemed perfect, as I imagine a lot of people will listen to it while driving! 
When I first held the CYF-CYL CD in my hands, I wondered how on earth all those different artists and genres would possibly fit together, but you’ve done it! The album is a celebration of life and the feel-good power of real food. The artists deliver their message with passion, humor, and the conviction of converts who’ve seen the dark side of industrial food but who can finally see the light. WARNING: “GOOD LiViN’” was so darn infectious I was still signing along hours after the music stopped. Then again, that’s the kind of viral message we need to be spreading! 
“GOOD LiViN” is my FAVORITE song on the album, although Pastor Wyatt with “Til My Change Comes” is a close runner-up! 
“GOOD LiViN – LIVE!” and “7 HOT MINUTES of ‘Til My Change Comes – LIVE!” – both are incredibly powerful. 
I’ve thought a lot about how I would “review” this for you, and hope you know how seriously I’ve taken this. I believe in what you’re doing & am so, so impressed at your vision and the talent of all it took to create this.” 

Katherine Pryor
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“Dennis – 
WOW, the CD is VUNDABAR! Wonderful!!  Such energy and verve.   
Fyi,  my favorite cuts? 
Cut 1 GOOD LiViN – Radio Mix, cut 2 ‘Til My Change Comes, cut 3 Don’t’ Buy The Lie!, cut 8 GOOD LiViN’ – LIVE!, and 10 It’s Your Beat! Loved the laugh.  So light and fun.  Notably “Change your food, Change your Life” in various arrangements, and also GO-O and “Loving my organic, grass-fed rib eye” in Sizzle for Me! 
And oh yeah, And MaryJanesFarm… really they all have their verve! 
I am sharing the CD with others to listen to it here at the office.” 


All the hard work and attention to details are obvious. The cover is beautiful. The inside of the jacket is very nicely done with the artist pictures and song quotes. I like that. 
Of course the Oreo® Cookie Blues is my favorite – anything with or about cookies has my full attention and the Jazz tunes are runners-up. My New Orleans up-bringing might have something to do with that. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the other songs more than I expected as they are out of my musical genre tastes – so congratulations there…I wanted to keep listening! 
What’s missing? An excerpt of you from the Change Your Food – Change Your Life Show!  ‘If you’re ready to look and feel Great like you did as a kid with unlimited energy’ … I think a few of your fired-up, inspirational, moving words captured here, for listeners to hear over and over and over and over, would make this project complete.” 

Michael is a long-time Professional Ad Man and Copywriter with many HITS on his hands.  Uses a lot of MUSIC in his Ads to drive home his points.  He KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS its value.  One of his now famous lines for a major Jewelry Store Ad: A Hardware Store for Ladies.   
He also recently came up with this for us: Kiss my apple!  It’s ORGANIC!   
I gave Michael the Mastered CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ Compilation CD Album with very little intro, COLD, and asked him if he’d be so kind as to take some time out of his busy schedule, take a listen and send me his thoughts.  Of course I PAID him.  PRETTY COOL:   
“D –   
i drank the Organic beer you had bought me before I listened to the music! good beer!! thanks again for that!   
my thoughts ...    
Track 1 GOOD LiViN’ - Radio Mix ... bumpin ... change your food, change your life, good advice ... a whole 'nother level! this is a dance tune -- it rocks!   
Track 2 ‘Til My Change Comes ... has a gospel feel to it. now, i'll tell you, Big D, i'm not much of one for lyrics. there are lots of songs i've listened to hundreds of times, and i can't make out all the lyrics. i always go by the tune. if i like the music, the beat, then cool. if not, great lyrics won't save it for me. i like this one. definite top notch quality feel to all of it.    
Track 3 Don’t Buy The Lie! ... rap ... catching some of the lyrics. birthday cake will kill you. i like some rap. this has a good beat to it.    
Track 4 GO-O ... this one doesn't push my button so much. not my particular taste in music.    
Track 5 I Once Was Blind ... beautiful music ...    
Track 6 I’d Like To Thank You ... doesn't push my buttons   
Track 7 7 HOT MINUTES of ‘Til May Change Comes - LIVE! ... love this one. this is a get up and dance, people!   
Track 8 GOOD LiViN’ – LIVE! … another good one, of course with 'change your food change your life' ...!   
Track 9 GET UP! ... great beat to this one.    
Track 10 It’s Your Beat! ... this is very good   
Track 11 It’s Your Beat! KARAOKE PERFORMANCE TRACK ... like this one a lot. cool music. strong beat.    
Track 12 MaryJanesFarm ... classy tune ... night club ... love the sax   
Track 13 Sizzle for Me ... nice tune to follow track 12 ... i have my cigarette in hand ... legs crossed, leaning back, sipping on my drink, taking a drag on my smoke ... blowing the smoke out, eyes closed, enjoying this smooth, sweet music ... thinking about ribeye steaks ...   
Track 14 GOOD LiViN’ – Rider Version ... everybody c'mon ... yeah! let me turn this one UP!   
Track 15 Oreo® Cookie Blues... and we get some blues in here! what do i have -- dobro? slide guitar? nice piece!   
Track 16 Secret To Life ... sweet way to end it ... ” 


“Hey there!   
OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover!    
What kind of artist is she?  Does she work with images as well?   
Good stuff – excited for you.  Maybe I can help promote somehow.   
All the best,”

celeste souza | publisher | natural awakenings | east san francisco bay area edition  
the #1 healthy living – healthy planet magazine 
phone: 925-557-7583 | fax: 925-705-4757 |

“Fabulous, Dennis.  Congrats to you….music and food, a life-affirming combo!  
Wonderful cover art, Dennis….yes, magical, festive and ‘dance-y’.  Congrats,”

Clara Duff, Development Associate  
Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network 

A Story of HEARTBREAK!  
“Dear Dennis,  

Remember, I’ve been telling you how "Don't Buy The Lie" is just about my FAVORITE song in the world?  
I bought a cell phone this afternoon. Not a flip phone. Not a used second rate phone. A new iPhone 6+. The first ring tone I want is "Don't Buy The Lie!", in all its variations.  

Good News: Googling ring tones and your business, the ones I wanted came right up. I listened to them and decided I'd download them all and switch them around.  

Bad News:  
Safari on my phone cannot download any of them.  

In the FUN ‘inside’ backstories in the REVIEWS Section, I wrote WHY our CHANGE YOUR FOOD - CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ is a multi-genre Album … ‘cause you can’t predict which song touches who.  Well, here’s another FUN example.  Miranda’s FAVE song is Don’t Buy The Lie!Rap, and she is 1st Violin in the Westside Symphonette!

“The CD is fabulous.  I was hesitant because I'm a classical music snob and classically trained singer (sang professionally at Seattle Opera for 21 years--yes, I did and have the photos to prove it).  Anyway, I really like the CD.  It's very well done and I even like the music.  Ha!” 
All good wishes, Anne and Dimitris

“Hi Dennis - Congratulations! 
So happy for you and your crew, this is a great accomplishment and will make a real difference in people's lives. 
I was able to hear some of a song on the first website - Don't Buy The Lie! and loved it. 
Thanks again, so encouraged by this work!” 

UWB Health Studies

The paint was sill wet! 
"Michael - 
When I was introducing you to our BRAND NEW Website, it was sooo NEW that the paint was still wet and Lillyan hadn't posted the signs!  She hadn’t quite finished uploading ALL our stuff.  So now the STORE Link on our Home Page works, but the COOLEST thing I wanted to show you is NOW up! 
Go to scroll down to the ‘CD Album Reviews’ Section and to the fifth “Review”.  This just reinforces your comment on Friday of how open & honest The Site is, as in your “Review” you’re ‘not moved’ by a couple of our Songs!  Who other the CYF-CYL! would ‘post’ anything other than GLOWING, huh!  
To Your Health! 

You’ll remember, Michael is a long-time, pure Ad guy: Writer, Print Ads, Radio, Billboards, uses lots of Music/Jingles to support his Ads.  CYF-CYL! does no Business with Michael, nor is there any personal relationship, just a professional respect for what each other does. 
RE: The paint was still wet! 
From: Michael 
To: Dennis L. Weaver ( 
“Dennis – 
As I read your note, I am listening, again, to the CD, Dennis! It is an amazing collection of music, artists, lyrics, energy!  
And yes, I LOVE your site! I’ve not come across anything quite like it — nor have I known anyone quite like YOU, Dennis! You have a powerful, unique, and extraordinary energy, and openness — and it all comes through beautifully on your site! Very few sites capture anything of the essence of the owner, the people, the product, what they’re about. Yours does it unlike anything I’ve seen — truly beautiful!  
I'll just say Ellen must light it up in Taos! You got a bunch of rockers on this CD -- as it should be!!! Nothing else like it anywhere!  
I love the preacher man doing his thing, too! THAT is awesome!! That 7 hot minutes of til my change comes video -- fun to watch!! 
Yes, legs crossed, taking a sip of my drink, a drag on my cigarette, listening to great music — this is a good life, indeed!”
- Michael 
And then a FUN, personal exchange between Ellen and Michael: 
“Dennis – 
Michael's comment lit my face up like a Christmas Tree and made my day 
a Whole LOT Brighter!!!”
- Ellen 
"Dennis - 
You are a connector of people, second to none, Dennis! and with a spirit of excitement and passion and love that is also second to none!! Thank you for sharing my words with Ellen, and hers with me! It is all a very beautiful thing!”
- Michael

Here’s a WONDERFUL “Review” by our ‘Internationally Acclaimed’ - London, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, New York, HOLLYWOOD - Fashion-Forward Couture Designer Darling, NINA MORGAN-JONES, who travels regularly between HOLLYWOOD, LONDON and her beautiful seaside Showroom in the SOUTH of FRANCE, 15 Minutes south of Cannes!

"Dear Dennis, 

'Organic food is the cure to lovin' life that's for sure !!!' 
Wow AnnaMaria Pasley-Horn!!! 

What a fantastic contemporary gift of fantastically produced music- rap, soul, gospel, jazz, country jazz, pop! thank you for sharing this with me and Congratulations to the artists and the Top Producer Dennis Weaver! 

I don't want to pick a favorite ( it wouldn't be possible as all the tracks here are so unique) but I'm very happy to hear our Ellen Livesay's sultry piano bar tones again on the yummy 'Sizzle for me'... 

And adorable Nique Nique has got it just right already ! 

Congratulations on your new CD Dennis - beautiful album art work and design by Lilly and a great way to spread the Organic good food message. Really well done Dennis !!! 

We'll be playing the CD tonight, 

Very best wishes and thank you  

Nina xxxxx"

NINA recently PRESENTED her dramatic Fall Collections by ROMP of luxurious shearlings, leathers and silks at the exquisite CLARIDGES, LONDON, that has the GLAMOUR to match our NINA’S! And, oh, to ever have a FORMAL Afternoon Tea with NINA at CLARIDGES would be a dream come true, as our NINA is very, very British!

I have written “Reviews” for NINA MORGAN-JONES and her SENSATIONAL Fashions and she has written “Reviews” about our CHANGE YOUR FOOD - CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ Compilation CD Album.  And yes, there’s some mutual love. 
I had made the comment “And, oh, to ever have a FORMAL Afternoon Tea with NINA at CLARIDGE’S would be a dream come true, as our NINA is very, very British!”  Well, now here’s a “Review” of Claridge’s: 

In Search of London’s Top Tea Parties 
The Wall Street Journal 
March 19, 2016


The Ritz might have the most famous tearoom in London, but based on décor alone, I far prefer the elegant art-deco foyer at Claridge’s. (the Ritz’s gold-and-mirrored Palm Court salon reminded me more of Beverly Hills, circa1985, than, say, WWI-era Downtown Abbey.) At Claridge’s, just beyond the lobby’s coruscating black-and-white-tile floor, wait staff in white jackets glide with the grace of ghosts. Had the pianist and cellist not played Maria Carey’s “Hero,” I would have sworn it was 1930. The tea selection is meticulously curated – the menu offers detailed descriptions of the 20-plus varieties, and recommends which brews are best with mild, a twist of lemon zest or a drop of maple syrup. Best of all, you can try as many as you like. Ihopped from thje grassy White Silver Tip to the delicately floral Malawi Antler, which supposedly in only served at one other restaurant in the world, Blue Hill at Stone Barns in upstate New York. But according to Henrietta Lovell, founder of the Rare Tea Company, which supplies Claridge’s with their loose leaves, the tea in afternoon tea is sorely neglected by many. “The focus is more often on prettily shaped sugar and champagne,” lamented Ms. Lovell. Fortunately, Claridge’s does those things rather well, too. A culinary highlight was the Marco Polo tea-infused gelée accompanying the scones, as well as the poached-salmon sandwich (from about $82 per person, Brook St.;


“Dearest Dennis  
Thanks so much for your support. The Avalon Hotel is a special place as it belonged to our old friend Erwin. I still like to stay there when I'm in town if I can.


And did you see that Marilyn Monroe used to live there herself? Quite a Hollywood history in those walls.. 
I didn't really get any decent photos of me in the show but I'll send some updated ones soon ! Here is attached a photo we snapped outside the hotel, as there happened to be a very pretty old Mercedes parked outside. This is one of my lovely clients trying on some Romp pieces for size.

I loved the CYF-CYL ! musical updates ! It's pretty international wow ! We have your disc in the car and have also been playing it whilst driving in the Cote d'azur !  
So happy to see you're keeping well and still making SO many others HAPPY and HEALTHY along the way. You're an example to everyone Dennis. See you NEXT time I'm in town, 
Nina xxx”

"Hello Dennis, 

It was great meeting you and getting to chat a bit and learn about your efforts in changing people’s views on food and its importance in our health, our world and our society. 

My children and I have been enjoying the music from your GOOD LiViN’ CD very much. I love to see my 7 yr. old daughter in my rearview mirror singing along. 

I was very pleasantly surprised that all the music on all the tracks is great! Not even my favorite artists get all the tracks right. I personally like ‘Get Up’ & ‘Sizzle for Me’ (it’s so fun), so thank you for that as well. May this creative musical compilation continue to be heard around the world and plant the seed of change in the hearts and minds of all listeners. 

Be well Dennis"

Their SWEET Organic Mini-Roma Tomatoes will make you THIS HAPPY, TOO! - Dennis